September 17, 2018


Q: IJTIIR is International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) Approved Journal ?

Yes, you can check on

Q: How to submit my paper in IJTIIR?

You can send your paper to or you can submit online on

Q: How much it takes for review process?

The IJTIIR takes 3-8 days for publication of paper.

Q: How much time takes for publishing any paper?

After paying fees it takes hardly 2-3 days.

Q: When I have to pay fees?

You have to pay fees only after getting acceptance letter.

Q: How many maximum authors are allowed in the paper?

Maximum number of authors in any paper may be up to five.

Q: What are processing charges?

Processing charge:  Rs 400/- INR $ 25 (USD) for foreign Author.

Q: Who is the publisher of this journal? 
IJTIIR (International Journal of Trend in Innovative Research) is a publisher of this journal

Q: Does Author will get Publication Certificate? 
Yes, we will provide you Individual e-certificate to all authors who have published their article in IJTIIR Journal

Q: Does IJTIIR will help to get Indexing? 
Yes, our dedicated team will helps to Author to get maximum indexing of their research work

Q: Does this site have International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)?

Yes, this journal’s ISSN Number is 2582-0354. So publisher benefits include international publicity and recognition of serial by automatic inclusion in the International Serials Directory Database.

Q: Publish more than one paper for the same issue? 
Yes, you can publish more than one paper is same issue with subject to acceptance of your paper.

Q: Can I join as a Reviewer Member? 
Yes, presently we are seeking new Reviewer member/representative around the world. You can send your updated CV, Degree Certificates, ID Proof and a Recent Photograph with mail of consent to with request to join as a Reviewer Member.

Q: How often is the journal published? 
Every 2 Months, a total of 6 issues per year.

Q: How can I get Copyright Transfer form? 
If your paper is accepted, download the Copyright form from this document must be signed manually by corresponding author and submit Scanned copy to editorial board on ( along with unique reference ID.

Q: Where can i find Manuscript Preparation Guidelines? 
The predefine Format of IJTIIR is given in paper format link under Author section. Just Download the format and prepare the manuscript in the format.

Q: Foreign authors can submit the paper in IJTIIR?

Yes, we are welcoming all scholars from entire nation specially from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, Central African Republic, China, Ethiopia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and rest of country.

Q: Any Other Question which is not listed above..!!! 
You can write us about your query at:  or send to